The Key To Growth

The Key To Growth

All businesses want to grow. Some want to outperform. Others want to dominate the market.

No matter how ambitious the company, the key to growth is customers. To gain customers. To maintain and manage the ones you have. And to sell to them at a profit.

According to marketing guru Peter Drucker, “In order to create customers, the business has two - and only two – functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results, all the rest are cost.”

The Role Of Brands

Simply put they are: 1a a particular make of goods. b an identifying trademark, label, etc.”

In reality, they are much more - more often than not, well differentiated brands and products are a company’s most valuable asset in its fight for market share, growth and profitability.

The Marketing Challenge

The marketing challenge is to lead businesses to develop innovative, customer-centric brand strategies to drive long-term, sustainable growth.


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